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The first U.S. Congress passed a law in 1789 to provide pensions to disabled veterans and their dependents. In 1930 the Veterans Administration (VA) was established to consolidate and coordinate government activity affecting war veterans. 16 million veterans returned home after World War II. This led to the creation of the Department of Veterans Benefits in 1953, to administer the VA’s huge compensation and pension programs.

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How do I qualify?

For the basic service record eligibility, the veteran must meet the following criteria (if the veteran is deceased, the widow applying for the benefits must meet the same criteria based on the veteran’s military service record):

*The veteran must have served at least 90 days of active duty.

*At least one day out of the 90 active duty days MUST have been during a war-time period.

The war-time periods as designated by Congress are as follows:

World War II: Dec. 7, 1941- Dec. 31, 1946

Korean War: June 27, 1950- Jan. 31, 1955

Vietnam Conflict: Aug. 5, 1964- May 7, 1975

(Feb. 28, 1961-May 7, 1975 if in the country of Vietnam)

Gulf War: Aug. 2 1990 through a future date yet to be Set by law by Presidential Proclamation

*The veteran must have received a discharge other than dishonorable.

*The claimant and the household must have limited income and assets.

*The claimant must have a permanent and total disability at the time of application. The exception to item “E” is widows of veterans who are applying for benefits do not have to be disabled to qualify for the Low Income Pension only. However, if a veteran in only applying for Low Income Pension, he must be disabled. The disability does NOT have to be related to military service or the war-time period.

*The disability the veteran has must be caused with-out willful misconduct of the veteran or due to the abuse of alcohol or drugs

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The benefits you may qualify for are as follows:

          Low Income Pension

          Pension with Housebound

          Pension with Aid and Attendance


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